Iskouhee, Armenian Canadian has been passionate about photography for a few decades.

Her love for the arts, music and poetry became a source of inspiration in Fine Art photography that she has been exploring for more than fifteen years in Canada. Iskouhee is fascinated by the possibility of preserving the Beauty that surrounds us with a gentle touch of the camera. Of course, it is not just the camera that reflects the harmony of the world, it’s the personality, experience, feelings and thoughts of the person behind the lens that ultimately contribute to the creation of a captivating image.

For Iskouhee fine art photography is a two way road – the bliss of being creative and the joy of transferring the happy moments to viewer.

The exhibition opens Saturday, June 3, 2023 at the Stonebridge Art Gallery.

Thursdays and Saturdays  1 Р4 pm

Admission to the Gallery is free.